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The Officina Edoardo Bianchi Bike-Fit powered by Retül is a professional dynamic data collection oriented to the most accurate bike-fit. A great fit allows the rider to maximize efficiency and performance while avoiding injuries and discomfort on the bike.
The process starts with an interview and a phisical assessment of the rider. These steps helps the fitter to address any issue the rider hopes to reach at the end of the bike fit. Here the rider's profile is created considering goals, individual biomechanics, strenghts or limiters.
Then the dynamic fit begins. LED markers are stategically placed on rider body: wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, heels and toes. Sensors and the rotating platform of the fit bike allow the system to gather 3D data of the rider's pedal strokes and movement, reducing the errors coming from classic 2D or static fitting. Any data is collected to create an immediate report. With this, the fitter can assess rider position and make adjustments.
After the dynamic fit, the fitter scans of all contact points of the rider on the bike using a millimeter-specific tool to literally digitize the bike. A specific sofware then provides a precise fit information.
The end of the process is a file which includes profile of the rider, measurement from the fit, bike measurement and the final position.
Our team of experts is trained to service each type of customers bike (road, mountain bike or fitness) from emergency situations to ordinary maintenance. Workshop personnel have skills and every tool to deliver a bicycle at its best. Every step is managed seriously with attention to details to guarantee customer safety and satisfaction.
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